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The Growing with children association was founded in 2016 in the Beskydy mountains and gave rise to the Jasánek Forest club. Gradually, we have grown to include the school group Jasan and Jasněnka (the second branch for preschool children). We are united by our love for nature, children, respect for the life of our ancestors and their traditions.

The four pillars of the Growing with children association


1. Nature

Forest, meadow, stream, river, etc. - a natural environment in which there is harmony, order, rhythm, an inexhaustible number of stimuli, a sense of freedom and a consciousness of the whole. A perfect environment giving our children everything they need. In nature, children face challenges, naturally discover their skills and abilities, and have their own experiences. This creates a relationship between them and nature, a bond and with it a love of nature and a need to protect it.

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2. Attitude of the adults in the team

A team of adults who enjoy being with children, are open to discover, learn and be amazed. They create a safe environment for children to explore freely with responsibility. Adults who actively accompany children and want to grow. They are aware that it is the children who give them the opportunity to be more conscious and loving beings. They strive to fulfill the "head, heart, hand" approach, i.e., to be an integrated person where actions (deeds and words) are in harmony with their feelings and thoughts.

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3. Parental support

In order to create a harmonious environment for children, it is ideal to have matching values and priorities between the environment at home and in the association. Parents, as well as team members, grow with their children and share the same goal. We all learn to communicate non-violently, sensitively and supportively, trying to see the differences between us not as a problem but as an inspiration or an impuls for contemplation or self-reflection. There are no mistakes, only development.

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4. Child's plan

Or towards the common goal - all the adults (team and parents) believe that each of us carries within us a life plan (our mission, our gift, living our personal story) and therefore has all the dispositions within us to realize it, to fulfill it. The task of adults is to be inquisitive observers and to search for this life plan with each child individually and to create the conditions for its discovery and realisation. For he who lives his personal story lives a happy and fulfilled life.